This is a private workshop I will be facilitating at a women's retreat at Camp du Nord in Ely. Watch for a future workshop to be held at Inner Wild Woman Studio in 2024.

Are you a woman ready to embrace your full power, health, joy, and love? We are living through a unique time in history, in which age-old imbalances are being readdressed, and feminine energy is healing and awakening worldwide. By creating your own chakra crystal and essential oil rollerball blend I will show you how to ignite and embody this energy personally through chakra (energy center) teachings and releasing blocks to your personal power. To fall in love with your own feminine power is to fall in love with yourself. Only through truly empowering and cherishing yourself can you begin to fully emanate your feminine power and love outward, into the world.

  • Date: 1/20/2024 10:00 AM
  • Location YMCA Camp du Nord (Map)