I have traveled extensively to healing centers, holistic retreats and intentional communities, what Marcia Chambers offers in her women's circles is magical. Her gatherings are truly the divine feminine manifest. She blesses every woman with warmth, kindness and generous care. Her tranquility garden is the finest I found in all my travels. She is a gracious host with a genuine interest in the well being of others. I feel the support. I feel the love. I feel joy every time I attend. 

Jeanette C.Story Portage Founderhttps://storyportage.org/

 Attending one of Marcia’s events feels like being enveloped in a cocoon of sisterhood. The warm, inviting energy of her home allows one to instantly feel at ease. It’s clear that every element is created with painstaking care and attention. From the delicious food to the thought-provoking rituals, and the conversations shared between women in sacred space, Marcia’s events are thoughtful, beautiful, and inspiring from start to finish. 

Maggie D.

 For someone who struggles with quieting the mind and truly getting into a meditative state, I can’t thank you enough for experiencing your “Goddess Vibes in Ecstatic Dance”! This workshop—with your empowering affirmations and beautiful music—created a space for me to move my body & just “BE”! Thank you so much! 

Jennifer Z.

 The Lunar Cycles workshop that Marcia facilitated at Camp du Nord was wonderful. Marcia’s knowledge of the moon and its phases was eye opening for me. She makes it easy to understand and shares her personal journey with “moonology” and how it has enhanced her life. I look forward to learning more about the moon’s magic & applying it to my life. 

Jennifer Z.

 Marcia’s Women’s Circles are inspiring and empowering. She creates a safe space to share and connect –a place to be our true and authentic selves. Working with the power of the moon phases, she uses her wisdom to gently guide us to tap into our feminine energy. I have learned so much from Marcia about the natural cycles of nature and the importance of finding healing, sharing experiences, the magic of sisterhood, and living with intention. 

Shelley F.