Sacred Full Moon Women's Circles

Sacred Women's Circles have been used for thousands of years by women to gather and form a community of support while encouraging the individual members to be themselves fully and remind us that we are not alone on our journeys. 

They are a gathering of women, for women to journey into ourselves to connect with our deep feminine intuition. These sisterhood meetings allow us to share our wisdom through our own stories and experiences. They are a space for women to truly connect and learn from one another. They are deeply transformative and open up a whole new community of loving conscious women. To acknowledge a particular lunar phase with a ritual gathering like a sister circle, helps us remember we belong to a larger web of life.

Every time I lead a circle I am amazed by how quickly the women go from strangers to sisters. The circle creates unity, a sacred bond, a safe container to let your walls down and to let your true self be seen. The facade of "I'm fine" falls away and you can lean into embracing your whole self - the good, the bad, the messy, and everything in between. And when the walls fall away what's left is the opening to create real, authentic relationships rooted in vulnerability and trust.

We associate the Moon with safety and security; with emotions and feelings; with feminine mysteries, and how we nurture and receive nurturance. We refer to our 'inner lunar landscape' as the emotional, non-rational world of our psyche. The Moon encompasses the lunar goddess archetypes in all her forms and faces. The moon is considered a feminine influence by most cultures. She is perceived as strong, powerful, beautiful, luminous, mysterious and wise. The various lunar phases influence our emotions and well-being in different ways. Using the Moon's power begins with understanding its potential. From new Moons, to eclipses, blood Moons, and the Supermoon, there are many opportunities for the Moon to influence your emotions and thoughts.

"There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to be companions with it." --RUMI

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