28 Aug
Blue Tansy: The Anti-Inflammatory Holy Grail Ingredient

As I considered which essential oil to highlight this month, the message of Blue Tansy kept calling to me as it is immune boosting and excellent for helping with relaxation. It also nourishes and restores the skin with a beautiful deep indigo blue color. Blue Tansy comes from the beautiful, yellow-flowered plant Tanacetum Annuum. Due to it's Moroccan origin, many people know this plant as Moroccan Tansy or Moroccan Chamomile, as the flower is in the same plant group as Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. In order to extract the essential oil, farmers and distillers harvest the plant from mid-July through September and use a steam distillation process.

Despite coming from a yellow-flowered plant, Blue Tansy gets its name from it's blue color. The chemical compound responsible for this color is chamazulene, which is a result of the steam distillation process. Chamazulene is made when the natural elements in the tansy plant react to the hot water vapor. Although you cannot find chamazulene in the Moroccan Tansy's original state, this unique compound helps bring out the plant's natural therapeutic and aromatherapeutic benefits.

Scent: highly aromatic, warm, bitter-green, herbaceous aroma with softly penetrating camphor top notes; has a warm, woody-herbaceous scent. 

Relaxation and discomfort: It can be used in massage for structural issues, physical discomforts, supporting normal blood pressure, and as a nervous system sedative. Consider combining it with lemongrass, cinnamon*, and/or marjoram for warming and soothing massage. (*not for use in pregnancy).
Our bodies are under constant threat, again and again sending us into a sympathetic response, or fight or flight. Blue Tansy is fantastic at providing support during all types of threats. With Blue Tansy, we feel safe and move out of fight or flight mode toward a non-reactive state, physically, mentally, emotionally.

Mood: Blue Tansy is calming, uplifting, and rejuvenating. Use this oil to become more self-confident and to be more light-hearted and fun-loving. It also can help to regulate mood swings related to hormonal imbalance.

Skin care: Use Blue Tansy on injuries to the skin and for itching, enlarged capillaries on cheeks, and dry patches; it combines well with Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cypress, Lavender, and Geranium.

This "Smurf" oil will turn your skin blue. If this is not the look you are going for, use with a lotion or massage oil or blend with other oils. Consult a physician before using if taking medications. Heavy dilution and very minimal use only during pregnancy. Not for internal use.

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