02 Aug
What’s the Difference Between a Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapist?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use and application of genuine and authentic plant derived essential oils for healing body, mind and spirit.

A Holistic Aromatherapist is trained and professionally certified and takes into consideration many factors when deciding which essential oils to use. We ask questions, we explore clients' lives, health, lifestyle, emotional and physical health, and we listen to our clients' stories to come up with a plan that may be of benefit to them.

A Clinical Aromatherapist is a person who is trained and professionally certified in the therapeutic use and application of genuine and authentic plant derived essential oils for healing of patients based upon examination of client needs and state of health.

I proudly state I am certified to do both after completing 500 hours of study. After careful consideration I chose to promote myself as a Holistic Aromatherapist which better describes me as an educator who supports positive transformation by teaching self-care and responsibility for one’s health. When I consult with clients I relay aromatherapy as a complementary or alternative therapy which promotes health and can assist your body during the healing process. I embrace holistic healing through lifestyle enhancement, natural prevention, and botanical medicine. I love to educate others on the many benefits of essential oils and work with each individual on choosing which essential oils would be best for their specific condition. During my aromatherapy consultations I explore clients' lives, health lifestyle, emotional and physical health.

Aromatherapy has survived the ages and now is experiencing a reawakening as people want to learn more on how plants can heal. What better way to improve our health, appearance, and the environment around us, than through the benefits of aromatherapy. We have come full circle, returning to nature, and embracing ‘nature’ medicine. Step outside and look at the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

The Question I Am Most Asked During My Essential Oil Workshops and By My Clients Is…..How and Where do I Recommend to Purchase Essential Oils? 

There are several variables that can affect the quality and quantity of a particular essential oil. The quality and intensity of essential oils vary due to the plant variety, time of harvest, soil condition, method of cultivation, and the process of extraction. All these factors play a significant role in the end result. It is important to know the origin of the oils and the reputation of the company providing them. Beware of synthetic versions made possible by recent advances in chemistry. As a consumer you want to look for manufacturers that assure their oils are pure and 100% natural.

Essential oils should be purchased and stored in dark-colored glass bottles. Because of the variables in production, you can expect to see cost variation among different oils. If you find a whole range of essential oils all at the same price, that is a red flag, and probably means they have been adulterated with cheaper synthetic scents to get them cheap enough to equal out. Look at the company’s website to see if they are 100% pure, authentic essential oils and read the descriptions carefully.

Genuine and authentic essential oils are the most therapeutic and will have a fuller, sweeter, and milder character. Therefore very little is needed. I recommend that clients purchase a few different essential oils from different companies. I have purchased the same oil from different companies and often I prefer the scent of one particular oil. Focus on what your intentions are in purchasing them. Are they for a specific recipe, ailment treatment, or a personal favorite scent? You can start by visiting your local health food store. Ask questions about the purity and origin of their essential oils. The bottle should be labeled with the common plant name, its Latin botanical name to make sure you are buying the correct oil and the country of origin should be listed.

I do not sell any particular essential oil brand and I have purchased from many. I tend to purchase from small women owned companies and a wonderful example of one company I have visited and purchased from is Stillpoint Aromatics in Sedona, Arizona. I have decided to include the link to the video from their website that describes their company. Looking at their website and listening to how they package their oils definitely inspires me!

In creating my future blog posts on essential oils I want to highlight a particular oil by providing a detailed history of the essential oil, its safety information, therapeutic actions and core aromatic applications. My hope is that by learning the therapeutic benefits of each oil one may speak to you to try as there are SO many wonderful essential oils available to us.



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