26 Mar
Black Pepper - A Warming Essential Oil

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) is called the king of spices and is mentioned in the writings of the early Romans. The Roman empire wanted black pepper, more than any other spice, from India. The Caesars treated pepper as a currency, storing vast quantities of it, unused, in the Roman treasury. 

I bet you did not know the aroma of black pepper has psychological and spiritual affects. It's aroma is warm, spicy, pungent and peppery. The fragrance is emotionally stimulating and, some say, an aphrodisiac.

Psyche and emotion: general fatigue, stimulating, gives stamina when someone is tired, emotional coldness, apathy, low endurance, nervousness, weakness of will, fragile nerves, loss of motivation, mental and emotional exhaustion, insecure with self or others. 

Subtle/energetic aromatherapy: Black pepper represents strength, courage, and strong conviction, and can be used to strengthen an individual’s intention. Black pepper can help with motivation, endurance and stamina. It can be employed for emotional blockages, indecision, emotional coldness, apathy, and mental fatigue.

Below is a recipe for a wonderful smelling body oil that I have made for a friend.            This warming oil inspires calm and relaxation.

Black Pepper & Lime Body Oil

24 drops black pepper essential oil

24 drops lime essential oil

3 oz. sweet almond oil

1 oz. jojoba oil

4 oz amber glass bottle


1. In bottle, combine essential oils and sweet almond oil

2. Top off with jojoba oil, replace lid and shake until well blended.

3. Massage into clean skin.


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