14 Jun
Happy Gemini New Moon!

The next New Moon is Sunday, June 18th and I want to send you thoughts to ponder as this Gemini New Moon approaches. Pay close attention to the dark moon energies in the days up to this new moon, as this will always help you to see where things are out of alignment. You may feel a real resistance to change, especially change you’ve felt you wanted, or that you are questioning and going backwards and forwards over decisions or options. This is giving you one of the first big gifts of this new moon, which is to go more deeply into surrender, trust and deep inner knowing and connect to a higher source of power and guidance.
Oftentimes our minds want to try and have it all figured out and to have guarantees. We end up holding onto and controlling parts of our lives either trying to force an outcome or hold onto something that’s not meant to be held onto anymore. So, under this new moon give your mind a rest. Stop trying to have the answers or have it all figured out. Go into the inner well of wisdom within you where, if you get quiet and still enough to listen, you will find the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. This is a powerful new moon to pay close attention to where you tend to make decisions based on fear or panic and where you let the opinions and expectations of others influence your choices. How many times have you ignored an inner nudge because of what others may think or say or because they don’t understand why you’re doing it? How often do you find yourself trying to justify your life choices to others?

This new moon wants to teach you that while you may not have a conscious choice over what happens in your life you always, always have a choice around how to feel, act and react to what is happening in any moment. You can choose chaos, despair or to see yourself as a victim of life circumstances. Or you can choose to see this as a lesson, trust your soul chose this for some reason, and that your soul would not choose anything you can’t get through. You can choose inner peace and acceptance, surrender and trust. 

Use this new moon to set intentions around how you want to see things in your life differently, what different choices you want to make for yourself and how you want to move into the second half of the year in full trust and surrender that you are always being supported and guided.

Many Blessings,


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