29 Dec
Happy Memories of the Past

I received the news today that my dear sweet aunt Ally passed away and the memories of her came flooding back as I thought of all the secrets we shared. This post is in memory of her and all that she meant to me. She was like a second mother to me, really knew me and still loved me. I could bare my soul to her and she was always there to listen. When we spoke on the phone during our check in calls she loved hearing what I was up to that took her mind off the struggles of her day. We would laugh, share our feelings and always say we loved each other before we ended our call. 

I loved hearing the stories she shared of my mother and what I was like when I was a little girl. I remember her being the wild child of five sisters. I come from a family of aunts that knew how to have fun! One of my fondest memories was one Christmas Eve at her house when I bent over her dining table with many candles lit (yes I too love candles), my very long hair at the time caught on fire and my uncle Lloyd jumped to put out my flaming hair! Thank you Lloyd:) After the initial surprise passed we all laughed and continued on with celebrating the evening.

I know she is at peace now, and I am absolutely sure she was greeted at the pearly gates by my mother, grandma, grandpa and aunt Twyla. She is no longer suffering the health issues that had become such a burden to her. She is with the people that love her for who she was and she will always be an angel by my side. I will continue to tell her my secrets as I talk to myself and watch for the signs she is there with me. I know she will be there to greet me when my time comes. But in the mean time I am going to live everyday being grateful for the moments of life. I'm going to ask myself what has brought me profound bliss. With a little editing, I want to clear out what is no longer serving me and make room in my life for more happiness, love, and wisdom. 

Now I know Ally is already guiding me as I write this post. I knew I had photos of our adventures in my many boxes of pictures that I was prepared to look through. To my surprise the first box I opened were the exact pics I was looking for. This is how I will always remember Ally and you can see how much fun she is having!

Cheers to auntie Ally and now you can get back to dancing, toasting and listening to the gossip that made you smile:)


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